The category judges James K. Pihana and Shawn Laatsch selected the following 5 special award winners.


Humor Award: Jaiden Bettis
E. B. de Silva Elementary School, grade 2, Mr. Yamaki

design by Jaiden Bettis

Judges' comment: Past, present, and future connections of Piko (the bellybuttons).


Humor Award: Anthornny Souliyalaovong
Pahoa Elementary School, grade 6, Ms. Kapsky

design by Antornny Sauliyalaovorg

Judges' comment: The robot with a mountain looks like hair.


Intricate Design Award: Jordyn Mantz
Kamehameha Middle School, Hawai‘i, grade 7, Mrs. Kirsch

design by Jordyn Mantz

Judges' comment: Terrific artistic concept from the past to present. Beautiful work.


Intricate Design Award: Kylee Kubojiri
Kamehameha Middle School, Hawai‘i, grade 7, Mrs. Kirsch

design by Kylee Kubojiri

Judges' comment: Intricate design of the voyaging canoe, Hoku (stars), Mahina (the Moon), and Maunakea.


Best Cultural Design Award: Jaydin Loo
Kaumana Elementary School, grade 4, Mr. Hayashi

design by Jaydin Loo

Judges' comment: Hawaiian Islands, the first petroglyph, Maui's fishhook, Kahili the banner, and a coconut tree are well drawn. Also Saturn, stars, comets, and observatories are combined and all items depict the discovery of Hawai‘i.


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