first place ribbon 1st Place: Aion Kaneko
E. B. de Silva Elementary School, grade 4, Mrs. Yamashita

design by Aion Kaneko

Mountain to the sea, going into space, and beyond the stars – very good art work. (Pihana)

This design nicely incorporates Hawaiian elements with the observatories and space exploration themes. The person on the voyaging canoe with a telescope really caught our attention. (Laatsch)


second place ribbon2nd Place: Phoebe Wyatt
E. B. de Silva Elementary School, grade 3,
Mrs. Alba-Kuwahara

design by Phoebe Wyatt

Very simple design depicting the ocean, land, observatories, and Hoku (stars) over Hawai‘i. (Pihana)

Simple and elegant design. We enjoyed the turtle and voyaging canoe along with observatory motif. It nicely represents the Big Island of Hawai‘i. (Laatsch)


third place ribbon 3rd Place: Briani Iyo
Keaukaha Elementary School, grade 3, Mrs. Cann

design by Briani Iyo

Family sharing of Aloha to Muanakea, the stars in the heavens, and the future all in one coin drawing. (Pihana)

This entry warmed our hearts and we saw the Ohana looking toward the stars. It represents a bright future and a great sense of exploration. (Laatsch)


  • James K. Pihana (native Hawaiian cultural practitioner)
  • Shawn Laatsch (planetarium manager at `Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai`i)
photo of the judges
James K. Pihana (left) and Shawn Laatsch (right)
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