first place ribbon 1st Place: David Veincent
Ke Ana La‘ahana PCS, grade 12, Ms. Anderson

design by David Veincent

Very unique to present the past of the early discovery of Maunakea and today's concept of modern use of Hawai‘i’s land, sky and ocean. (Pihana)

Excellent way to show ancient and modern view of Maunakea and the Big Island of Hawai‘i. (Laatsch)


second place ribbon2nd Place: Kain Kamalani Kawailima
Ke Ana La‘ahana PCS, grade 12, Ms. Anderson

design by Kain Kamalani Kawailima

I like the idea of patterns, i.e., lau hala weaving to represent the Aina (the land), Poliahu (the summit of Maunakea) with a snow covered blanket, observatories, and the Moon in the sky. (Pihana)

Interesting use of tapa/weaving designs. (Laatsch)


third place ribbon 3rd Place: Leslie Ann Vento-Rowe
Ke Ana La‘ahana PCS, grade 11, Ms. Anderson

design by Leslie Ann Vento-Rowe

Wonderful view of the past and present of Maunakea thru the eyes of a young artist. (Pihana)

Star trails with clouds show natural beauty of Maunakea. (Laatsch)


  • James K. Pihana (native Hawaiian cultural practitioner)
  • Shawn Laatsch (planetarium manager at `Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai`i)
photo of the judges
James K. Pihana (left) and Shawn Laatsch (right)
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