The 9 category winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the 3 categories) competed in the overall category.


first place ribbon Grand prize: Kain Kamalani Kawailima
Ke Ana La‘ahana PCS, grade 12, Ms. Anderson

design by Kain Kamalani Kawailima

Gorgeous graphical design, extremely well balanced and superbly realized. There is a brilliant use of lau hala patterns from the simplicity of Earth versus the complexity of the Sun, all standing above a pure ocean. The Moon and stars bring in the nighttime element to the sky and with this evocation of astronomy comes domes atop conceptualized mighty volcanoes. The symbols in the sky, arrows of attention, evocate seabirds, possibly ‘Iwa, the great frigate sailing at sea. (Cuillandre, Chief Judge)


second place ribbon 2nd Place: David Veincent
Ke Ana La‘ahana PCS, grade 12, Ms. Anderson

design by David Veincent

Excellent concept of contrasting ancient and modern times of Hawaii from a technological aspect, with the sky, the mountain and the sea remaining unchanged throughout. Solid conceptualization of the various symbols. The blanket of snow on Mauna Kea stands out as the strongest feature, an apt focus on the centerpiece of the concept. (Cuillandre, Chief Judge)


third place ribbon 3rd Place: Briani Iyo
Keaukaha Elementary School, grade 3, Mrs. Cann

design by Briani Iyo

A touching concept on the the passing of knowledge between generations with parents inspiring their children to look up to the wonders of the sky. The Hawaii touch is immediately grasped with the flowers while the modern astronomy intervenes in the form of a dome. (Cuillandre, Chief Judge)


    Chief Judge:
  • Jean-Charles Cuillandre
    (astronomer at Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope)

photo of the chief judge


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