first place ribbon 1st place (grand prize): Serena Usuda
Waiakea Intermediate School, grade 7

design by Serena Usuda

Very strong graphic design. Excellent idea to use petroglyph style. Well executed. Strong Symmetry of two figures in parallel activities. Wonderful originality of concept. (Lomberg, Chief Judge)

second place ribbon 2nd Place: Tiari Carreira
Kamehameha High School, grade 11, Mrs. Gapero

design by Tiari Carreira

Carefully drawn wekiu bug, silversword, and observatory reminiscent of scientific illustrations who drew Hawaii's flora and fauna. Nicely balanced design, including nature and humanity. Flowing lines of galaxy and lei gave a pleasing visual rhythm. (Lomberg, Chief Judge)

third place ribbon 3rd Place: Vyas S. Hale
Holualoa Elementary School, grade 4, Mrs. Haupert

design by Vyas S. Hale

Terrific concept. Beautiful transition of Scorpius into the date – very clever to have dome partially blocking the numbers – it really puts them in the sky. And the starry canoe is nice, too. (Lomberg, Chief Judge)

    Chief Judge:
  • Jon Lomberg (space artist at Galaxy Garden)

photo of the chief judge
Jon Lomberg in front of the Galaxy Garden, a 100-foot diameter outdoor scale model of the Milky Way (our own Galaxy) at the Paleaku Peace Gardens Sanctuary, in Honaunau. See messages from Jon Lomberg including comments for category winners

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