first place ribbon 1st place: Wynter Ah Mow
Kealakehe Intermediate School, grade 6, Mr. Harlan

design by Wynter Ah Mow

The idea of peeking into the past thru a telescope lens is so futuristic. Great visionary thinking! Fantastic idea! (Pihana)

Great concept of looking through a telescope and looking back through time at a voyaging canoe. Connecting cultural navigation to Mauna Kea. (Rice)

Looking through a telescope to see the past and the future! This design is elegant, and incorporates the voyager of the past and exploration of the observatories on top of Mauna Kea. (Laatsch)

second place ribbon 2nd Place: Serena Usuda
Waiakea Intermediate School, grade 7

design by Serena Usuda

Very conspicuous art work of the three levels in Hawai`i – honu (turtle) and fish in the ocean, wao kanaka (dwelling of man), and `aina (land) and observatories on Mauna Kea – Very creative thinking! (Pihana)

Love the way connecting culture with modern science with navigation: canoe, telescopes, stars, and petroglyph people. Also showing different types of telescopes. Connecting three realms as well from sea level to the summit. Very well done. (Rice)

Woodcut/Silhouette design includes cultural petroglyphs, two types of observatories (submillimeter and optical telescopes) with canoe and nature. Thrilled to see people looking through telescopes on Mauna Kea and on canoe. Earth, sea, and sky: all represented well! (Laatsch)

third place ribbon 3rd Place: Kaitlin Iwahashi
Waiakea Intermediate School, grade 6

design by Kaitlin Iwahashi

Ocean, land, and starts – three levels of work with the Polynesian idea of navigation. Great combination of a voyage among and beyond the stars. (Pihana)

The message of "Voyage Among the Starts" is great and showing how we voyage on the ocean and navigate/voyage through the starts. (Rice)

Very nice message – Voyage Among the Starts – inspires exploration. Clean, beautiful design! (Laatsch)

  • James K. Pihana (native Hawaiian cultural practitioner)
  • Koa Rice (Hawaiian cultural practitioner)
  • Shawn Laatsch (planetarium manager at `Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai`i)

photo of the judges
(From left to right) Shawn Laatsch, James K. Pihana, and Koa Rice
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