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To all parents, teachers, and students that participated in this year's coin contest: job well done! It was difficult in choosing the final artwork in this year, but I hope to see all contestants in future coin contest. Congratulations to all category winners and hope to see some of your names and artworks in the future, too.
Mahalo nui loa
Ali`i Kimo Keli`i Pihana
Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner

It was enjoyable and interesting to judge all 1,006 entries for the 2012 coin contest. All participants did a great job in taking time and thought in making your designs. Well done showing how Mauna Kea, astronomy, observatories, and Hawaiian culture link together in each of your mind. Mauna Kea and all the elements from the heavens to the ocean are very important and to see from each one of the participants what they see and feel touched me. I thank you every one for your participation. Look forward to next year! You are very talented. Keep up the good work!
Koa Rice
Hawaiian cultural practitioner

It was wonderful to see so much participation in the Mauna Kea Coin Contest! The designs were beautiful and inspiring, and showed the wonderful talent of Big Island students. Cultural elements were interwoven with astronomical imagery creating wonderful expressions of what Mauna Kea meant to the students.
Mahalo to all the students who entered the contest. I encourage all to keep reaching for the starts!!
Shawn Laatsch
Planetarium manager at `Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai`i

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(From left to right) Shawn Laatsch, James K. Pihana, and Koa Rice

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