Grades K-4 Category

Judges: James K. Pihana (native Hawaiian cultural practitioner) and
Shawn Laatsch (planetarium manager at ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i)

1st place: Glory Medeiros (E.B. De Silva Elementary School, grade 4)

Judge's Comments:

This design shows the road leading up to Mauna Kea from Saddle Road to the VIS (Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station), the observatories, and stars over Mauna Kea. Good representation of the mountain. (James K. Pihana)

Very nice view of Maunakea and the observatories! The design works well for use on a coin. Great work! Simple and elegant form. (Shawn Laatsch)

2nd place: Sherly Acob (Honoka‘a Elementary School, grade 4)

Judge's Comments:

This design has the coastline of Hilo with coconut trees, Mauna Kea summit with a snow cap, a telescope, observatory and good star constellations. (James K. Pihana)

Nice incorporation of sea to summit with cultural elements of Maui’s fish hook. Very good! It is an inspiring way to look at exploration. (Shawn Laatsch)

3rd place: Jamie Chun (E.B. De Silva Elementary School, grade 3)

Judge's Comments:

This design has a young happy girl enjoying with her telescope on Mauna Kea at a stargazing session. Great to incorporate a student enjoying science and exploration! (James K. Pihana)

This design includes a student explorer of Mauna Kea along with the observatories and stars. Wonderful drawing! It has a nice theme, and it is great to see the happy smiling girl looking through her telescope! (Shawn Laatsch)

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