This is the past event (until March 11, 2011).

The awards ceremony was held on AstroDay, Saturday, May 7, 2011 from 10:20am at the center stage of Prince Kuhio Plaza shopping mall in Hilo. Coins with Amy DeSa's (the grand prize winner's) design was distributed at AstroDay. People who collected all stamps from 13 astronomy booths received a free Mauna Kea coin at the Mauna Kea Coin Contest booth.
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    Grand Prize Winners
    Winners of Each Category
    We have received 287 entries for Grades K-4 category, 397 entries for Grades 5-8 category, and 37 entries for Grades 9-12 category. Thank you Waimea Middle School, Hilo Intermediate School, and all schools to encourage students to design a coin!! See the number of entries

    Grades K-4
      1st place: Glory Medeiros (E.B. De Silva Elementary School, grade 4)
      2nd place: Sherly Acob (Honoka‘a Elementary School, grade 4)
      3rd place: Jamie Chun (E.B. De Silva Elementary School, grade 3)

    Grades 5-8
      1st place: Hiwalani La‘a (Hilo Intermediate School, grade 8)
      2nd place: Jennalyne Bala (Waimea Middle School, grade 8)
      3rd place: Amy DeSa (Hilo Intermediate School, grade 7)

    Grades 9-12
      1st place: Brittany Cole (Kea‘au High School, grade 12)
      2nd place: Jesse Graf (Kea‘au High School, grade 12)
      3rd place: Trenton Jardine (Kea‘au High School, grade 12)

    Special Awards Winners
    James K. Pihana and Shawn Laatsch selected the following specials awards.

    Nice Message Award
    • Trayden Tamiya (Waiakea Elementary School, grade 5)
      "One of Hawaii’s Hidden Treasures"
    • Jovee Rivera (Chiefess Capiolani Elementary School, grade 5)
      "A sight closer into space"
    • Makenna Francis (Waimea Middle School, grade 7)
      "Awe akai malama ko ia kuleana: Taking care of our responsibilities"
    • Sharmaine Joy Nobriga (Waimea Middle School, grade 8)
      "The sky is not the limit "Go above and BEYOND""
    Humor Award
    • Kylee Barbieto (Waiakea Elementary School, grade 2)
      "1st place I wonder who that is going to be? You guys rule. You all rule.
      Mauna Kea Coin Contest 2011 rules."

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      Kumiko S. Usuda (Subaru Telesope, NAOJ) 934-5954
      Tracey Yamane (KTA Super Stores) 959-4575 Ext 3352
      Web contact: Kumiko S. Usuda (, Replace .at. by @)

      Mauna Kea Observatories Outreach Committee (MKOOC), KTA Super Stores,
      ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i, and Onizuka Space Center

  • The purpose of the Mauna Kea Coin Contest is to enhance awareness of Mauna Kea among K-12 students on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. The impressive mountain of Mauna Kea has many aspects: a home for unique and rare plant and animal species; a location with special environmental and geological features; a significant and sacred place in Hawaiian culture; and one of the best sites in the world for observing the night sky. K-12 students will focus on one or more of Mauna Kea’s many aspects and express their aloha and respect for the mountain in their design for the Mauna Kea coin.

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